no logoOregon Scientific was established in the US in 1989.The Oregon Scientific Vision for ELA products is to make learning fun.Through the use of innovative technology,Oregon Scientific can help children learn while having fun.
Drive the growth of the next generation with interactive laptops through play and learning activities providing positive reinforcement for the inquisitive young mind.
Our evergrenn licenses from Mattel,Warner Brothers and Star Wars enhance the learning experience to make educational material fun.Together with our Oregon Scientific product such as the Smart Globe and Accelerator Laptops we can help your children learn in a fun and exciting way.

webpage: www.oregonscientific.co.uk

Tiny Love

no logoTiny Love creates dynamic and engaging developmental toys that nurture and stimulate baby's skills and senses during the first years of life.Each and every innovative product is a labor of love that meets the most rigid American,European and international standards for quality,safety and manufacturing.
Tiny Love strives to consistently improve its position in the market by being the first developmental toy provider to identify the latest discoveries in child development and translate them into interactive toys.
We are consistently aware that our product category challenges parents both intellectually and emotionally.Choosing the right developmental toys are among the most important decisions they will make in the formative stages of their childs interactions with the world.

webpage: www.tinylove.com


no logoPlaygo has been a leading manufacturer of quality toys for more then 25 years.
We specialize in Boys,Girls,Preschool,Arts&Crafts and Role-Play toys which inspire imagination and creativity of our young consumers.

webpage: www.playgo.com.hk


EuroactiveKiddieland Toys Limited was established in 1998 by Mr. Kenneth Lo, whose father, Mr. Victor Lo, was the founder of Hong Kong Toy Centre International Limited in the 1960's. Victor has had extensive experience in the toy business throughout the years, and his dedication and devotion to the industry had earned him a well-liked reputation in the trade. Hong Kong Toy Centre had developed from an one-man company in the old days into a multinational company in the nineties with overseas offices in the US, the UK, Germany and France, and its success had translated into a public listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
While Kiddieland remains a much smaller scaled toy manufacturer compared to the old Hong Kong Toy Centre, our emphasis on efficient production, high quality standards as well as innovative product design have been inherited from our predecessor. We strive to succeed and become the very best in each of the categories we participate in, and our rapid growth in our short history of time has demonstrated clearly the enormous success we have achieved.
Starting in 2002 Kiddieland has partnered with Disney Inc. to become a Disney licensee in the foot-to-floor category. This includes an extensive foot-to-floor category, from plush rockers to plastic ride-ons, trikes, large-sized coupes and tricycles. Our market exposure has rapidly expanded from North America to Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, to other parts of Asia, Australia, Africa, and Latin America.

webpage: www.kiddieland.com.hk

Keter Kids

ZOOPER A specialist in development and production of Juvenile products, Keter kids was established 30 years ago and for the past 15 of those years, have been part of the Keter Group. We have over 30 factories world-wide but all of our products are designed in Israel and produced to the highest standards to comply with International Safety Regulations. We focus on 3 main areas: Outdoor Toys, Juvenile Safety and Bath-Time.
We take pride in our fast-growing team and our innovative, high quality and cost effective products.

webpage: www.Keter.com